Our Story


Our Beginning

Innercense began when my wife and I uprooted from our life in Los Angeles, California and moved to a small agrarian community in the Midwest. We had undergone some major life changes and with our child of two had begun to rebuild our lives in our new home. We always considered ourselves spiritual seekers and have always followed our individual paths while encouraging and helping each other, and it was these talks we had with each other that spawned the idea for Innercense.

Where We Are Now

We are still small and humble, but we now have our online shop and wholesaler opportunities. These two exciting additions to the Innercense business will allow us to reach many more spiritual seekers of every path, and introduce them to what we believe are the finest scents from the highest quality resin incense you can find.

Our Future

We would love to provide our incense resins to every home of every spiritual being, but we do realize this is quite an ambitious goal. More importantly, we hope the future brings us and you much peace, happiness, and enlightenment. May we journey together on our paths toward unity, and may light guide your way! Namaste.