Everything you need to get started burning resin incense!

Only the finest hand harvested, and hand selected resin tears go into our Innercense resin incense blends. Whatever your spiritual path, you can be confident that when you burn Innercense all natural resin incense, you are using the highest quality incense available.

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Complete Guide To Resin Incense

We are proud to offer the complete guide to resin incense! This course will teach you about the major resin incense used throughout history and how they can be used today in many ways to benefit your life. You will learn about each resin, how they are used, and their benefits. This course will also teach you how to make oils from solid resins and tinctures for many different uses. You will also learn how to identify resins, their characteristics and blends, and much more. By the end of this online course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of resin incense, its types, preparation, and practical usage.

This is a self paced course designed to be taken over six weeks.
Enrollment is easy and the course is only $15.
You will earn a certificate of completion.
What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

Monthly Scent Subscription

Each month we will send you a roll of charcoal and our monthly scent of resin incense. You will get a different resin incense every month and will not get a repeat in a 12 month cycle. A great way to try them all, just set it and forget it! We will send you the scent in the mail monthly along with your roll of charcoal so all you have to do is enjoy the experience!

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How to use Innercense Resin Incense

Using Innercense all natural incense products is easy, and cleaner than the alternatives. Here's how to get started. First make sure you have a burner or something that can handle a charcoal. A word of caution glass ashtrays tend to break from the heat produced from the charcoals, so we recommend using a burner designed for charcoal incense use. We carry incense burners here, or you can find them in a metaphysical store or any new age supply shop.

Place one of your charcoal tablets, which you can find here, into your charcoal incense burner. Light it and wait for sparks to appear. Once you see sparks the tablet is lit and will continue to ignite through the whole piece of charcoal. Let it burn for one to two minutes, allowing it to heat up evenly and completely.

Place a small amount of Innercense blend incense on the charcoal and allow it to heat up and start to smoke. Play with the amount that is right for you, but we find that 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon is usually plenty. Allow it to burn and enjoy the natural aroma that these wonderful gifts from nature produce.

For safety soak any remaining lit charcoal with water after use, and keep away from all flammable articles, children and pets.

We hope you enjoy Innercense all natural incense products!